Olympic Qualification Regatta goes ahead 

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May 2021
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Final Olympic Qualification Regatta goes ahead
Olympic Qualification Regatta goes ahead
The Final Olympic Qualification Regatta took place in Lucerne from the 15th to 16th May. To read about it in full click here click here.

This comes as more concerns are raised over the Tokyo Olympics. To find out more click here.  
Highlight of the Month
Martin Cross chats with Kris Korzeniowski
Martin Cross chats with Kris Korzeniowski

Martin Cross chats with US National Team Coach Kris Korzeniowski, to listen in full - click here.

Tech Corner
HIIT workouts
Fitness ring maker Oura raises $100M

Fitness ring maker Oura has recently raised $100 million in its latest round of funding. To read in full click here.

To learn more about Oura click here.
Product Picks


FIRST LOOK- Easy-Clip Aero Spacers

The idea of designing easy to fit and remove Height Spacers came about because of our frustration when having to move them, especially out on the water. They’re always a battle to unclip, sometimes needing two hands, and more often than not they end up in the water, and often sink, having pinged off!

Using Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) it turned out the drag of a stack of the new spacers was just 19% that of a randomly orientated set of conventional ones and that that would give a top flight Eight a 0.37 metre advantage over a 2K race.

To learn more or to order - click here.
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Photo of the Month:
US Rowing Eight Bow Riggers
US National Eight using bow mounted riggers, but only for bow pair. Intriguing....

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Tweet of the Month:
Hip Motion for Rowers
An anatomical look at why hip positioning matters in rowing
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Instagram of the Month:
Holland eight goes for a swim
The Netherlands eight goes for a swim. This shows how even top crews can be at risk even when conditions are not extreme.
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