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September 2020
Rowing on the Web
How have some of the worlds top scullers spent lockdown?
Robbie Manson
These articles and interviews look at how some of the worlds top scullers have spent their time over lockdown.

Robbie Manson chats to Martin Cross

Mahe Drysdale talks to 'Stories from the locker room'

Vicky Thornley Blog Post
Highlight of the Month
Irish Rowing
Bruce Smith chats with Rowing Resource

Bruce Smith, CEO and Founder of Hydrow chats with 'Rowing Resource'

To listen in full - click here.
Tech Corner
The Big Rowing Injury Picture

This article from 'Rowing Strength', looks at how taking a step back can help you identify what is contributing to an injury.

To read in full click here.
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Edward Kerns
After the last rep...

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Who says ergs don't float
Skills at the New Zealand level!!
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