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March 2017
Rowing on the Web
DC RAINMAKER - Heart Rate Monitors
Tracking your heart rate can be an incredibly useful training tool, but which is the best one for you? The DC Rainmaker site offers an in depth and comprehensive comparison of all the latest heart rate monitors.

Garmin Vivoactive

Suunto Spartan Ultra

Polar M600

Garmin Fenix3

Wahoo Fitness TICKR

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Best of the Blogs
Leo Training
Marlene Royle – Masters Rowing

Masters rowing coach Marlene Royle talks on the Leo Training podcast about her ideas for teaching the rowing stroke, why she chose to focus on masters rowing and much more.

Click here to listen to the podcast in full.
Tech Corner
Kurt Jensen
Kurt Jensen - How should rowers balance different training intensities and volumes?

This presentation by Kurt Jensen, international lecturer in the field of training and physiology, looks into the physiological characteristics of rowing athletes and how these affect their training plan focus. We particularly like the ‘Week Test’ which allows you to adjust your training focus depending on how your scores fit the ‘optimum curve’ for rowing performance.

Click here to view the presentation.
Product Pick
Impeller Adapter
Impeller Loom Adapter

The impeller loom adapter converts your ‘standard’ wiring harness to a ‘Platinum’ wiring harness allowing you to use an impeller with your Platinum CoxOrb.

It can also be used to covert an existing NK wiring harness.

Available here.
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Lake Natoma Sunset
Lake Natoma Sunset
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OUBC Vs Nereus
"Some footage of the recent @asrnereus vs @OUBCsquad duel on the #tideway #rowing #roeien @theboatraces"
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