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The idea for BladeRunner came about because of the frustrations we had when coaching crews, particularly at regattas and other types of races.

Without BladeRunner

Before racing, crews need to take their blades down to the water and generally leave them in a pile on the ground, next to competitors’ blades, where they can easily be knocked and damaged. They must then return and get their boat. Having boated, their shoes are gathered up and often need to be moved to a different landing location where they can become mixed up with other competitors’ shoes. Finally, having put their boat away after racing, crew members need to return to the landing area and retrieve their blades.

With BladeRunner

Using either one or two BladeRunners, depending on the boat type, the Coach or helper can carry up to eight blades down to the water while the crew takes the boat down.

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The crew's shoes can then be hung on the BladeRunner to keep them together and they can then either be put in a safe place or moved to the landing area. Having landed, the crew can then retrieve their shoes, put their blades on the BladeRunner, and the Coach or helper can follow the boat back, carrying them.
As well as saving a great deal of time and effort blades are kept clean and damage is minimised as they are kept off the ground at all times on the rubber lined cutouts of the BladeRunner.
To help identify your BladeRunner you can paint the recesses on the ends with your club colours.
After use the BladeRunner can be quickly and easily taken apart to make it easy to transport.

Available in May

BladeRunners are manufactured in a rugged HDPE polymer and will be available from May 2021.
We supply direct in the UK and through agents in a number of other countries. In countries where we don't have agents we ship orders direct from the factory.

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