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CoxOrb Tungsten

The CoxOrb Tungsten’s features provide the perfect tools for those looking to really improve their crew’s performance on the water

Key Features

  • Automatic voice recording on timed pieces
  • Optional Check Factor display derived from averaging the boat decelerations during each stroke
  • Data recall allows you to review timed pieces on the display and play back audio through the boat speakers
  • Download your data & audio via the USB interface onto a PC

The Tungsten uses a USB cable, rather than Bluetooth, for downloading data and voice recordings. This is for three reasons: the first is that the size of the voice recording files would mean that transfer times of over 10 hours might be involved if Bluetooth was used and that is impractical, particularly for CoxOrbs that are owned by clubs and stored there. The second reason is that CoxOrbs are often shared by a number of Coxes so downloading data would involve pairing with several devices, which could cause problems and which would also create security concerns. The third issue is that coaches generally want to share specific files with different people and transferring them direct to a PC makes this easier. For instance they may only want to share voice recordings and course steered data with the Cox but might want to give boat speed/rate/check data to the whole crew, but only from certain races or training pieces.

Please note that all microphones are supplied with both Blue and Pink headbands

We are continuously working to improve our products so as well as developing an advanced coxless boat instrument for 2019 we have made changes to our CoxOrb range. The battery contacts have been re-designed, the battery clip has been strengthened, the switch pushers and rear bumpers are more firmly retained and the headset is now assembled using ultrasonic welding.

We are always looking to make improvements so welcome any further suggestions!

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The CoxOrb only works with its own microphone and charger and you need the USB Cable to transfer data to a computer
+ Maintenance pack and Carry Case


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Teams invest in the best oars and shells. They should invest in the CoxOrb too as it is the best coxing electronics available today.

Alden Zecha

4-time US national team cox