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Impeller + Impeller Sensor Set


The Impeller is an option for CoxOrb Platinums only and you will need either a Impeller Loom Adaptor or Platinum Connection Harness fitted for it to work. The impeller design was optimised using Computational Fluid Dynamics software and its drag matches the alternatives that are available. However all impellers create significant drag so we recommend that it is only used for training and is removed for racing. Every effort has been made to make our impeller as practical as possible: it can easily be fitted and removed using 3M Command Adhesive Strips, the spinner is supported at both ends to ensure it is robust, and it has a clip on ‘keeper’ to prevent wear while in transit. It is also tall enough that it can be mounted near the Cox and still give accurate readings, so extended wiring isn’t needed


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Alden Zecha

4-time US national team cox