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Jumper Lead - Platinum


Short Length - 230mm - For Stern Cox Boats

Long Length - 530mm - For Bow Cox Boats

Our Jumper Lead solves two problems. It stops excess cable cluttering your coxing space as the main boat wiring now ends in a connector that is securely mounted to the boat. The Jumper Lead, which is available in two lengths, then connects to that. You also no longer have to replace damaged wiring loom end connectors as you simply change the Jumper Lead when the connecter eventually fails.

The Jumper Lead has a right angled connector that makes it easy to connect and disconnect the CoxOrb without damaging the cable


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Best purchase of my life! I'm a huge fan of my Orb, I think it's such a great product and would (and have!) highly recommended it to anyone looking to further their and their team's progress.
As a high school coach it has really helped with our coxswain development being able to track their courses and listen to easily available voice recordings. Honestly this really is the greatest investment I've made and it continues to become more and more useful as the season progresses.

Bex Beldner

St. John Fisher College/Genesee Rowing Club/Brighton Rowing Club.