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One-Set Pitch Gauge

Set once for error free measurement to a quarter of a degree accuracy

Measuring the pitches of a complete eight can now be done in around 3 minutes, compared with the 10 minutes required using a standard pitch gauge. This is possible because, having zeroed the gauge once, the curved vial allows each pitch angle to be read directly with no further adjustments needed. The gauge also allows footstretcher angles to be measured in the same way using the 45° angle on the end of the gauge.

The One-Set Pitch Gauge is supplied in a tough polypropylene case that should be used for storage. Full user instructions are printed on the case and can also be viewed by clicking the FAQ & TECHNICAL SPEC button below.

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These tools are the best I have ever used, they make precise rigging far easier and much faster

Peter Haining

Three times lightweight world sculling champion and coach