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Self Centering Span Gauge

Measure spans directly and precisely with no error prone calculations

The Self-Centering Span Gauge was developed to speed up the process of accurately measuring spans on most types of boats.

Measuring the spans of a complete eight can now be done in around 2 minutes compared with the 15+ minutes it takes using a tape measure. The gauge is simply placed across the boat, the sliding stop is moved against the boat, and the position of the pin is read against the scale. Mental arithmetic and constant re-checking are no longer required!

The Self-Centering Span Gauge is supplied in a tough polypropylene case that should be used for storage. Full user instructions are printed on the case and can also be viewed by clicking the FAQ &TECHNICAL SPEC button below.

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£ 150
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I use these tools because they are the best out there. They make it easy to rig fast and rig right.

Mike Teti

US National Team Coach 1997-2004