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The SequenceCoach is designed for both beginners and experienced rowers and can be used either by coaches or to coach yourself. It allows beginners to learn the proper rowing sequence in under 20 minutes and can also be used during day to day training by experienced athletes to prevent bad habits and to correct faults. The video below explains how it works.


Quick and simple attachment to any Model C or later Concept 2 Rowing Machine.

Please note – Some Model C machines may require the Seat Frame to be updated to allow the SequenceCoach to be fitted. Replacement Seat Frame kits can be purchased from Concept 2 inexpensively. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Seat handle attachment.png

Seat Hooks

The seat hooks allow you to attach the handle to the seat to practice taking the catch just with the legs.

Please note - with Model C machines you will need to retrofit a Model D/E to use the hooks.

Red T-Bar 'Target'

The Red T-Bar is used as a reference point throughout different stages of the stroke sequence.

Its position can be easily adjusted using the telescopic pole, and should be set to match the ideal handle position at the catch for each individual.

Adjsutable Pole.png

Using the SequenceCoach

The SequenceCoach can be used to teach, practice and refine each of the following stages of the rowing stroke.
Note - In rowing there are some differences of opinion about whether the leg, body and arm movements should be completely separate but there is consensus that the order is correct and some blending together of the three can be encouraged after the basic sequence is established, and in fact this may well happen naturally over a period of time.
Lottie Legs Only.png

Legs Only Without the Handle

With the handle hooked to the seat and the Red T-Bar set to the correct catch position, you can practice legs only rowing.

The hands/wrists should be held just over the Red T-Bar.

Legs Only With The Handle

You can then practice Legs Only while holding the handle, keeping the arms straight and the body rocked forward. The handle should be held just above the Red T bar and any movement away from it means you’re either breaking your arms or opening up your back.

Lottie Legs Only with Handle.png
Matt Body Rock.png

Body Rock

The aim is to keep your arms straight and only begin to rock your body backwards once your legs are almost flat.

For this you should attach the elastic cord to the handle and then clip it to you collar and adjust it so that it is taught but not stretching the elastic when your arms are straight out in front of you. The aim is to keep the cord taught as you rock back.

Complete Rowing Stroke

You can then combine all of the above stages and bring in the arms to practice the complete the rowing stroke.

The whole sequence can then be reversed for the recovery.

As well as being a great tool for teaching the rowing stroke and correcting faults, the SequenceCoach can be used during day to day training to help prevent bad habits. It can be used to prevent overreaching, early use of the back or arms, and dropping the handle too far on the recovery.

Lottie Complete Stroke.png

The SequenceCoach is currently only for sale in the UK and USA

Demo Units

Demo Units are Available for Clubs and Schools (UK only) - If you would like to try a SequenceCoach

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