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Shoe Mounting Plates

A range of Aluminium shoe mounting plates are available and we will machine custom ones providing a minimum of eight are ordered with shoes. They are machined from 3mm sheet for strength and have slotted holes so that the relative shoe angles can be adjusted. They can also be supplied anodised for protection against salt water at an additional cost.

Our Plate Sizes

  • 250 (2 Rows of holes)
  • 262.5 - 265.5mm
  • 247 - 250mm (3 Rows of holes)
  • 260mm
  • 235mm
  • 230mm
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They help me as a coach by solving two problems at once. Crews can adjust the shoes in moments to better fit, while ease of cleaning and shoe longevity are greatly increased.
We're not only retro-fitting the shoes - we have ordered new boats with them 'factory fitted'.

Jonathan Cantwell