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Steering Footplate

The new Steering Footplate from Active Tools built specifically for the 2k Adjustable Rowing Shoe incorporates a large and durable polymer bearing that ensures ease of movement. Also the cables are mounted on a separate yoke that enables the user to centralise the neutral steering position. Being able to centralise this means that you can just glance down and see that no rudder is being applied. (Shoes not included)

Can be mounted on the left or right foot.

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£ 72
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Since the days of leather and brass clogs there hasn’t been a good solution to the rotting, wrong size, shoe problem – until now. Every aspect of these shoes has been designed for rowers – they’re not just a pair of cheap trainers modified to be attached to a stretcher. Even the heel restrains are 180kg climbing cord so not much chance of regatta umpires wrecking anything unless they break the stretcher! They’re a bargain at the price.

Stephen Aitken

Tideway Scullers Coach